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Specific Gravity (Urine)


Specific gravity is a unit-based measurement that compares a substance’s density to water’s. It’s one of the most important measures of kidney function because it tells your body how well your kidneys are managing your body’s water balance and how effectively your body is disposing of waste. Factors that affect urine concentration include your level of hydration, your hormonal balance, and your kidney function. Specific gravity (Urine), on the other hand, measures urine concentration. It helps you assess your kidney function and how well you’re hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Specific Gravity (Urine) test measures the concentration of solutes in urine, primarily dissolved substances like salts, minerals, and waste products. It indicates the kidney's ability to concentrate urine and can help assess hydration status, kidney function, and certain medical conditions such as dehydration, kidney disease, or diabetes.

The Specific Gravity (Urine) test assesses hydration status, kidney function, and certain medical conditions such as dehydration, kidney disease, or diabetes. It helps monitor overall health and aids in the diagnosis and management of related disorders.

The Specific Gravity (Urine) test is recommended for assessing hydration status, kidney function, and diagnosing conditions like dehydration, kidney disease, or diabetes. Healthcare providers may order it for individuals with suspected urinary or renal issues.

Abnormal results in the Specific Gravity (Urine) test may indicate dehydration, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, or other urinary tract disorders. Further evaluation, including additional tests and consultation with a healthcare provider, is typically necessary to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

During the Specific Gravity (Urine) test, you'll provide a urine sample, either at a healthcare facility or home. The sample is then analyzed using a refractometer or dipstick. Results are usually quick, non-invasive, and painless.

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