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You’re in the right place at OrbitoAsia Diagnostics, the best and top CT scan center in Coimbatore. The advanced CT imaging technology at our facility ensures precise and thorough scans for our clients. Our skilled group of radiologists and technologists is committed to ensuring your comfort and well-being throughout your visit. Our friendly staff at OrbitoAsia Diagnostics will guide you through the process from the moment you step in. We appreciate the necessity of prompt results without sacrificing precision, ensuring swift turnaround times and minimal radiation exposure. Whether you need a routine scan or a specialized procedure, trust OrbitoAsia Diagnostics to deliver exceptional service. You can discover the superiority of OrbitoAsia Diagnostics by booking an appointment today. We are committed to your health and satisfaction, and we look forward to serving you with excellence. To make an appointment, please fill out the form provided below or contact us directly at +91 9367333000.

CT Scan In OrbitoAsia Diagnostics

The CT scan provides incredibly detailed, cross-sectional views of the body, assisting in the identification of numerous ailments. It’s got quick snapping, high-definition pictures, and the ability to scan different parts of your body. CT scans are non-invasive, numbing, and offer a wealth of useful data for identifying ailments or alterations in bodily structures, bones, and soft tissues.

They are particularly useful for identifying tumors, blood clots, and bone fractures. The rapid results and ability to see structures clearly make CT scans ideal for helping medical professionals make precise diagnoses and devise effective treatment strategies, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes.

CT Scan In OrbitoAsia Diagnostics

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Precision, expertise, care - OrbitoAsia, your reliable diagnostic partner

1.5 lakh+ patients test with us every month

Dual check on all reports for 100% accuracy assurance

ISO and NABH certified scan centers

25+ Radiologists to ensure fast and accurate reporting

Machines with high resolution  from Siemens, Germany

AI-augmented CT reporting for additional findings

1.5 lakh+ patients test with us every month

ISO and NABH certified scan centers

Dual check on all reports for 100% accuracy assurance

25+ Radiologists to ensure fast and accurate reporting

Machines with high resolution  from Siemens, Germany

AI-augmented CT reporting for additional findings

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Frequently asked questions

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A CT scan (also called CAT scan), stands for Computerized Tomography. CT scans use X-rays to make detailed pictures of the internal structures of your body in cross section like slices of the inside of your body. During the test, you will lie on the table that is attached to the scanner, which is a large doughnut-shaped machine. The CT scanner sends X-rays through the body area being studied.

Depending on the type of exam you will receive, the length of the actual procedure will typically be between 10 to 30 minutes. Exam time may vary depending on the nature of your study.

The oral contrast fills the colon and small bowel for better visualization and delineation between surrounding anatomy on the images.

The IV contrast enhances all of the vascular structures on the images (i.e. liver, pancreas, kidneys). It will also characterize potential pathology.

You can schedule an CT Scan in Coimbatore through the OrbitoAsia Diagnostics  online website or call us at +91 9367333000.

The cost of a CT Scan in Coimbatore varies depending no the type of scan and the laboratory. The Price ranges from Rs.2499.

No. The scanner uses x-rays to see inside your body.

Yes. A CT scan is considered a safe examination. They are directly linked to a greater life expectancy and a declining cancer death rate.