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Procalcitonin PCT Test

Procalcitonin PCT Test Overview

PCT (procalcitonin) is a blood serum biomarker that is used to detect and track bacterial infections, especially sepsis. Procalcitonin is produced by many different tissues and cell types in the body that react to bacterial infections. This makes it a useful biomarker for bacterial infection detection and monitoring. The levels of PCT in the blood usually increase within 4 to 6 hours after a bacterial infection and reach peak levels within 24 to 48 hours. After resorption of the infection, the levels of PCT return to normal, with a half-life of 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

The procalcitonin serum test is done to help diagnose and monitor bacterial infections, particularly severe bacterial infections such as sepsis. It aids healthcare providers in determining the severity of an infection and guiding decisions regarding antibiotic therapy.

The procalcitonin test may be recommended for you if you are showing signs and symptoms of a severe bacterial infection, such as sepsis, pneumonia, or bacterial meningitis. It helps healthcare providers determine the severity of the infection and guide appropriate antibiotic therapy. Your healthcare provider will assess your symptoms and medical history to determine if the procalcitonin test is necessary for you.

The procalcitonin test measures procalcitonin levels in the blood to differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, aiding in antibiotic decision-making. Elevated levels suggest bacterial infection, guiding appropriate treatment and reducing antibiotic overuse.

The Procalcitonin Serum test measures the levels of procalcitonin, a precursor to the hormone calcitonin, in the blood. Elevated levels typically indicate bacterial infection, helping differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, especially in cases of suspected sepsis.

Abnormal Procalcitonin Serum test results may indicate a bacterial infection, especially if levels are elevated. Further evaluation is needed to confirm the diagnosis and guide appropriate treatment. Normal or low levels may suggest a viral infection or non-infectious condition.

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