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Occult blood Stool


Occult blood is important because it can be a sign of various diseases that affect your gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers, polyps, colitis, and even Colorectal Cancer. Sometimes blood in your stool is invisible to the naked eye. This test helps detect small amounts of blood in your stool samples. Detection of Occult Blood helps in early intervention and treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Occult Blood (Stool) test measures the presence of small amounts of blood in the stool that are not visible to the naked eye. It's used to screen for various gastrointestinal conditions, including colorectal cancer, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and other digestive tract disorders.

The Occult Blood (Stool) test is done to screen for the presence of blood in the stool that may not be visible to the naked eye. It's used as a screening tool for gastrointestinal conditions such as colorectal cancer, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and other digestive tract disorders.

The Occult Blood (Stool) test is recommended as a screening tool for individuals at risk of colorectal cancer or other gastrointestinal conditions. It's often advised for individuals over the age of 50, or younger individuals with risk factors such as a family history of colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, or symptoms such as unexplained abdominal pain or changes in bowel habits.

If the results of the Occult Blood (Stool) test are abnormal, indicating the presence of blood in the stool, further evaluation is typically necessary. This may involve additional diagnostic tests such as a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or imaging studies to determine the cause of the bleeding. Depending on the underlying cause, treatment options will be recommended, which may include further monitoring, medication, or procedures to address the condition. Early detection and intervention are key for managing gastrointestinal conditions effectively.

During the Occult Blood (Stool) test, you will typically receive a kit containing instructions for collecting a small sample of your stool at home. You'll be provided with a container to collect the sample, along with applicators or sticks to transfer a small portion of the stool onto a test card. After collecting the sample, you'll follow the instructions to perform the test, which usually involves applying the stool sample to specific areas on the test card. Once completed, you'll return the test card to your healthcare provider or laboratory for analysis. The process is simple and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

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