OrbitoAsia Diagnostics

Schedule a lab test from the convenience of your home with a qualified and fully vaccinated phlebotomist. Receive rapid and precise test results, ensuring peace of mind. Access your reports online for effortless download, providing you with seamless access to your health information whenever you need it.

Full body health check packages starting at Rs.800

Orbito Basics

₹1800 800
Includes 61 Parameters

Orbito Initials

₹3500 1350
Includes 90 Parameters

Orbito Fundamentals

₹4800 1900
Includes 94 Parameters

Orbito Essentials

₹14000 2500
Includes 107 Parameters

Orbito Thyroid

₹15000 3500
Includes 104 Parameters

Orbito Auto Immune

₹15500 4000
Includes 109 Parameters

Orbito Pink

₹16000 4600
Includes 109 Parameters

Orbito Optimals

₹16500 6000
Includes 110 Parameters

How to book an appoinment?

Share your details with us

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Ensure timely reports as per schedule

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Orbito Asia Labs and Scans is a comprehensive healthcare imaging and diagnostic facility under one roof. It prides itself on providing the most advanced infrastructure, the best possible medical facilities, the most competitive prices, and thorough individualised attention so that the customer can have diagnostic tests performed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner at a single location by our experienced and certified physicians and friendly staff. We are committed to providing our clients with ultimate diagnostic services with accurate results, high-quality imaging, and comprehensive health check-up services with comprehensive care, courtesy, and compassion for our clients.
Orbito Asia provides diagnostic solutions that improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. Orbito Asia is committed to continuing to lead the way by innovating the diagnostics of the future to address major public health challenges.