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Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection by Real Time PCR – Blood


The test detects the presence of factor V Leiden, specifically the factor V Leiden (G1691A Leiden) mutation in the blood using real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The FV Leiden mutation leads to resistance of factor V degradation by activated protein C (APC), which increases the risk of blood clots.

The clinical use of the test is based on the following criteria: Patients who are suspected of having factor V Leiden disease (suspicion of fV Leiden disease) Patients with family history of factor V leiden disease (fV Leiden mutation) Patients who inherit a gene mutation that increases the risk of developing a blood clot (Venous thromboembolism )

Frequently Asked Questions

Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection by Real-Time PCR in blood tests for the Factor V Leiden mutation, a genetic variant that increases the risk of abnormal blood clotting, predisposing individuals to conditions like deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

The Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection by Real-Time PCR in blood is performed to identify the Factor V Leiden mutation, aiding in the diagnosis of inherited thrombophilia, guiding treatment decisions, and assessing the risk of abnormal blood clot formation.

Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection by Real-Time PCR in blood is recommended for individuals with a personal or family history of blood clots, recurrent miscarriages, or thrombotic events. It's also advised for those planning certain medical procedures or taking hormonal contraceptives.

If the Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection test detects the G1691A mutation, individuals may have an increased risk of abnormal blood clotting. Management may involve anticoagulant therapy, lifestyle changes, and precautions to reduce the risk of thrombotic events.

During Factor V Leiden-Mutant Detection by Real-Time PCR in blood, a blood sample is collected from a vein, typically in the arm. The sample undergoes analysis in a laboratory to detect the presence of the Factor V Leiden mutation.

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