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Cystatin C


Cystatin is a protein that is constantly produced by your body’s cells. Cystatin plays an important role in measuring the function of your kidneys. It is one of the most accurate and sensitive biomarkers for early kidney disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cystatin C, Serum test measures the level of cystatin C in the blood. Cystatin C is a protein produced by cells in the body. This test is used as a marker of kidney function, similar to creatinine, but it may be more accurate in certain situations, such as detecting early kidney damage.

The Cystatin C, Serum test is done to assess kidney function, particularly to detect early signs of kidney damage or dysfunction. It may be more accurate than other tests in certain situations, making it valuable for diagnosing and monitoring kidney conditions.

The Cystatin C, Serum test is recommended for individuals with suspected kidney disease, especially when traditional markers like creatinine may be less reliable. It's often used in elderly patients, those with muscle wasting conditions, or when accurate kidney function assessment is crucial, such as before chemotherapy.

Abnormal results of the Cystatin C, Serum test may indicate kidney dysfunction or damage. Further evaluation by a healthcare provider is necessary to determine the cause and appropriate management. Additional tests, imaging studies, or consultation with a nephrologist may be recommended to assess kidney health and develop a treatment plan.

During the Cystatin C, Serum test, a healthcare provider will draw blood from a vein, typically in the arm. You may feel a slight pinch or discomfort when the needle is inserted. After the test, there might be mild bruising or soreness at the puncture site, but these usually resolve quickly.

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