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Albumin Serum Test

Serum Albumin Test Overview

Albumin (albumin protein) is a protein produced by the liver. It is present in the blood plasma. Albumin plays a vital role in the circulation of vitamins, hormones and enzymes in the blood. It also helps to stop the fluid from entering the tissues. The albumin serum test measures the amount of albumin in the blood.


Proteins are needed to carry out bodily functions. Protein is one of the most important elements that circulates in human blood. It helps to maintain body fluid. Blood plasma contains many proteins, and one of the most abundant is albumin. Proteins are synthesized in your liver and are then transported through your body. Albumin plays an important role in blood plasma. As part of your overall health, you can take an albumin serum test to check the functioning of your kidneys and your liver. albumin circulates vitamins, enzymes and hormones in your bloodstream. It provides your body with the protein it needs to grow and repair tissues. It also helps to keep the fluid in your blood from leaking into your tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Albumin Serum Test measures albumin levels in the blood, aiding in assessing liver and kidney function, nutritional status, and fluid balance. It helps diagnose conditions like liver disease, nephrotic syndrome, and malnutrition, and monitors treatment effectiveness. Preoperative evaluations also use it. Results should be interpreted by healthcare professionals.

The Albumin Serum Test measures the levels of albumin, a protein synthesized by the liver. It assesses liver and kidney function, nutritional status, and fluid balance in the body.

During an Albumin Serum Test, a healthcare provider will draw a blood sample from a vein, typically in the arm. Minimal discomfort is common, and the procedure usually takes a few minutes.

If Albumin Serum Test results are present, they indicate the level of albumin in the blood, aiding diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Absent results may suggest technical issues or insufficient sample.

Individuals with symptoms of liver or kidney disease, malnutrition, edema, or undergoing preoperative evaluation may benefit from the Albumin Serum Test, as advised by healthcare professionals.

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